Broken (Day 26)

Rayne rubbed her shoulder patch with one hand before settling back into the ‘at ease’ stance. The tri-colored lightning bolt was her call sign. Well it used to be her call sign. She shifted back and forth from one booted foot to the other unable to find contentment anywhere.

The room’s single speaker beeped once. A mechanical voice spoke. “I once thought your loyalty defined you. What happened? When did you leave your friends behind?”

She shook her head as if to deny the accusation, causing her shaggy hair to bounce. That wasn’t the way it was at all. She hadn’t done anything wrong. Coughing to clear her throat, Rayne addressed the long dark window in the room. Her own dull reflection stared back at her in muted colors.

The voice that came out of her was husky and quieter than normal. “Is it wrong to abandon those who have abandoned you first? Is it right to stay true to those that belittle you, leave you out, or hurt you? Loyalty must be earned and maintained—and unfortunately, it can be broken.”

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