(Day 16) Puns and Chronology

“Can there?”

“Of course, with the vastness of the Infinitium, the whole of tomorrow is always promised.”

The glass glimmered with reflected comic glow and Meredith turned away from it to glance at the simple array of buttons and dials that oscillated quietly behind them. “Don’t get me wrong, Row,” she said, rhyming the nickname with ‘now’, “I’m an avid admirer of most things Godly, but right now I have and urge to… lick myself… and, well…” She turned her tiny head back up towards Rouston. “I’d rather not.”

“To tomorrow, then?”

“Will I be a cat then?”

“Were you a cat before?”

Meredith licked a black paw absentmindedly before she caught herself. “Ugh. Is that even a fair question? You know, chronologically?”

Rouston sighed. “I suppose not.” He turned on well-cobbled boots towards the Observation Deck’s controls and called out, "Now pay attention to the transition, Meredith. I’ll need the ocular input for the ’cat’alog. "

“Not funny,” she literally growled.

“Yes. It was.”

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