My breath fogs the clear surface as my nose is pressed against the glass. I peer outside to my desires.

Outside it’s raining but it doesn’t appear to be gloomy. Yet, the drops merely tease the trees, playfully rolling off their rich green leaves.
Thinking of the water splashing over me brings a smile to my face. I can almost feel the moisture.

Alas, I am sentenced inside.
I’m told it’s too dangerous for me to go out on my own, but I know it’s just a safety net they fall upon to keep me safe.
I take my pills, I shower daily, and I always eat the vegetables I’m told to.

If I could I would look both ways, never go into strange alleys, and never talk to strangers. Slim chances are filled to the brim with my false hopes.

Although, they say it’s not my fault and maybe someday I’ll go on my own. They assure me my condition is improving, but I know better than that. I don’t feel in charge of my own self, but they told me it’s the catatonia.
I am frozen in a non ending cycle of lock down.
I am frozen.

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