Secret Longing

Dear Diary,

Tonight I’m feeling unloved. I’m lonely tonight. My best friends are away on vacation, immersed on cloud nine with a new flame, or just tired and taking a night off to relax.. without me.

Then there’s the other friend. I guess it upsets me that I’ve never told my best friends about him. He breezed in my life and picked me up, providing encouragement when I needed it, sort of at times like this. But I’m feeling burned now because he refuses to answer my phone call.

Okay, so I called at a bad time, and I waited a whole day before trying again, but the voice said he wasn’t taking calls. I’m afraid I embarrassed him with the first call. I’m afraid I lost a friend.

It’s not that I’m not available, nor that he lost my phone number; it’s that he doesn’t want to talk to me. And that hurts. I want to know why, but that would be prying. And if I call again, that would be stalking.

I guess in time I’ll forget about him. It’s probably what he wants.

If only my friends were here to distract me.

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