The Cold Before Forgiveness

The cool gray rippled at the toss of first stone.
A wind blew coldly across the pond alone.
One heart beat, never warming to the bone.
Siren wails out an urgent tone.

Mother weeping madly into telephone.
Child gone wandering in the cold alone.
One foot dips lower o’er liquid stone.
Frozen water not yet full grown.

Chills up her spine shake a girl unknown.
Sobs ache mother’s shoulders to the bone.
Scents alert dogs to a frigid zone.
Child wrapped loosely, scarf long blown.

Time nearly frozen, trees sway and moan.
Is this what its like to be all alone?
Coldness seeps in deeper than bone.
Heart weighs more than stone thrown.

Turns in snow, boots trudge back home.
Mother’s embrace is warm and known.
Dogs return happily to chewing bones.
Case closed, tears shed, sins atone.

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