3-Word Prompt: president, vampire, "black hole" (Jason LIT1) 2/2

“Calm down, Mate,” Orp grated. “Panicking won’t help anything. Science Officer, any suggestions?”
Sairus Pilch nodded sagely. “Yes, Captain. By deplicting the tufted flongerino, we—”
But there was no time, no time! “Damn it, you Salarian derelict! I trust you; just make it happen, Sci Off!” Pilch nodded solemnly, his velvet elbows turning softly pink in an indication of nervousness.
Moving swiftly, he tapped the console swiftly, his neck tensing.
Every eye and viewing organ strained to see what would happen. Even the viewscreen seemed taut with thrill: carefully taut.
And then! In a sudden motion, an enormous square black peg, created from the reversed tractor beam, appeared, blocking the black hole and evoking a fresh floral scent in the process. The disaster was averted, once and for twice.
“Fine work, Pilch, thanks,” Orp murmured, clapping the science officer on the shoulder. All hands cheered as the klaxon shut off and the Pym zoomed to safety and the end credits. Success, again, and triumph!

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