Perfect Coordination (Day 34)

Jacqueline glanced back to see how well her counterpart from London was faring. Marianne struggled in the snow, bundled up in a matching white and blue fur-lined parka. That was their outer protection from the frozen winds that whipped through the desolate mountain side. Behind her trailed an alpaca, two good-sized barrels strapped to each side. Catching her eye, the thing bleated questioningly.

Marianne called “Darling, I don’t mean to be a pest but how much further is the checkpoint?”

“Who knows!”

“Well then, I vote for another mojito break!”

“Seconded! Motion passes unanimously.”

Tall mojito glasses were produced and packed with virgin snow. Jacqueline withdrew fresh mint leaves from a pouch at her belt. “Ever since Mexico, I carry my own mint leaves.”

Thumbing the spigot open on the closest barrel, she filled both glasses.

Jacqueline raised the glass to eye level and admired both delicious pale beauties. “No more straws, dear, but I think this is pretty good. To spies like us!”

“Cheers, darling.”

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