Playing MadLibs With Humanity's Future

Preliminary Translation of Sagan Array Code, rec’d 22 Jan 2024 03:55:01 UTC

Not to be copied, retransmitted, or stored on network-attached computer

Coordinating linguist’s note: items in square brackets represent best-guess based on partial corpus translation

Hello. We [literally “this group of a specific number”] detect changes in your planet’s atmosphere. We correlate these changes with intelligent life. We [intend to / ask your permission to (revision: probably closer to “will”)] bring [ships/machines] towards your planet from our location [ ?; coordinate system is not yet understood] which take [measure of time which we think is about 14 years] to arrive. The ships carry our [essence/unity] of 4 billion [individuals/consciousnesses]. We [arrive at – literally “enter/become part of”, but usage is nonstandard] your planet. We share our [ ? – no translation known yet] and cause your [group/species] to know the meaning of [ ??? – no translation yet but we’d better pray it’s something good].

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