There had been an inquisition, of sorts, into the nature of the Expatrination. Some said it was inevitable; others, that it had been unforeseeable. Walking in the halls of the capital building, I subtly felt that it was in some way a mix of both. When your world is fighting over scraps of land, each land force-feeding its citizens their brand of patriotism.

In the early part of the 21st century, a group of extremely wealthy philanthropists had decided that the way to go was to buy up land, all over the world, from the countries themselves. This land, collectively, became the Expatrination.

Soon, the Expatrination had expanded beyond what anybody had ever expected; the governments of the smaller countries were soon overthrown and their land given, free of charge, to the Expatrination. It now covers 1/2 the usable land mass in the world.

I am going to the People’s Congress, to argue my cause, as any citizen has the right to.

I am arguing for the Expatrination to start a lunar colonization program.

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