I dreamt of you last night,
Statuesque beauty

I dreamt of you, and for the first time, in a long time,
Every facet was clear…

Your eyes-
As blue as sapphires,
Pierced the veil of perpetual darkness that typically haunts my unconscious mind

Your lips-
Pouty & supple,
Purred sweetly into my ear as I delved ever deeper into your essence,
Spurring me to never stop

Your legs-
Smooth as satin,
Stretching on for miles down the curvy road of your body-
Wrapped around me in a lock of passion

I quivered.
I shook.
I tumbled for, what felt like, days
Lost in an endless ocean of your tresses clinging to your face

I dreamt of you,
My lover forlorn
And these visions of you brought a calm to my storm

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