A Quick Stop (Day 37)

Bonnie ran her thumb and index finger down the length of her lapel while she waited for the kid behind the counter to find her cigarettes. Catching sight of her own reflection in the sunglasses display, she touched her hair and admired the way she looked. The suit wasn’t anything she’d ever pick out for herself but she had to admit she looked confident and dangerous safe inside the blacks and whites.

“Here we go, Red Apples for the lady.” The chunky attendant wheezed, flopping the pack onto the counter. “That’ll be five and half.”

“Sure thing, sweetie.” Bonnie said.

She peeled a twenty off the roll in her pocket and traded it for the cigarettes. Patting her pockets and not finding a lighter she added, “Charge me for a little butane too.”

“I don’t want to know.” The kid said, holding out a fistful of change.


“I’ve seen too many movies. Someone like you shows up out in the middle of nowhere, like here, and people like me die.”

“Don’t worry, I’m a nurse. I’ve just been on a lucky streak, is all.”

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