Say Hello or Goodbye

I grew up in the countryside. Farmers wave when they pass by, whether on big machinery or in passenger vehicles or even on foot.

The wave is an acknowledgment. Everyone has a different one. One may raise two fingers from the steering wheel for about 2 full seconds while another lifts an arm over his head, flinging the wave behind him as he zips past on a tractor.

The wave can mean, “I see you,” or “Hi.” It always felt friendly, even from a stranger. A wave is simple, but you never see city folk taking the time to wave. They have plenty of time to holler, honk, and flip someone the bird when in a rage, but they never just wave hello unless they already know the person and have made eye contact.

Farmers don’t even need eye contact. They see a neighbor’s vehicle, they wave. Someone drives past while they are out for a stroll, they wave without even looking. It doesn’t matter who they are, just that it feels good to communicate.

Maybe the country is more friendly, or more lonely.

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