“What’s bothering you?” He was lounging in his chair, sipping his beer, and watching the TV. His everyday routine was always on schedule.
“Nothing is wrong.” Lie. “Why?”
He never took his eyes off the screen, “You just seem off.”
She thought long and hard about the words she desperately wanted to utter out loud. She wanted to say it to someone other than herself.
Inhaling a long intake of oxygen, she finally spoke. “I decided I would stay home with our children and take care of them, clean the house, make dinner, and do laundry. I made that choice, but I am constantly doing it alone. I do not blame you whatsoever. I know you work hard at you job and I know that you are probably just as exhausted as I am, but I would really love for you to help me out once in a while. Maybe even tell me you still love me…”
The weight was off her shoulders, now all she needed was acknowledgment. Anything.
“Okay honey, okay.” He sipped on the can that had gone dry, “Do me a favor? Get me another beer, would you?”

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