The buzzing is directly in my ear. Sounds of a thousand bees thundering together. The noise is annoying yet comforting.
I began to shake, but I wasn’t sure if it was my adrenaline or my bones quaking beneath my skin.

Then there was pain shooting up my side as fast as light, only for it to last momentarily. The air is being pulled in and shot out of my mouth. My chest rises and falls, and my mind is whirring.

The buzzing starts up again and I relax my body to a jelly-like state.
I feel my insides vibrating on and off in small intervals.

“How are you feeling?”
I grit my teeth, “Pretty good for the most part.”
“Let me know if you feel dizzy or anything. You said that this was your first tattoo?”
“Yep! First one!”

I could feel the small wipes that followed after the needle was done pressing into my skin numerous times per second.

Then the buzzing came to a halt, no more pain.
“Why don’t you go take a look at it.”
A reflection showed me my raised, red, and tender skin inserted with ink.
My first tattoo.

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