Spoiled Rotten.

I am here, but no one can see me in this desolate alleyway.
I’m pretty sure it’s raining, I can hear the sounds on the garbage can lid. Luckily I’m not getting wet, just stifled by the smell of rotting garbage.
I wish I could move, but I’ve waited too long. I’ve lost too much blood that I feel unsteady just thinking about crawling for help.

Why did you take this way home?
Why did you stay at the bar for so long?
Why didn’t you fight harder against those men? Run faster? Scream louder?

They grabbed me so quickly, and tore off my clothes before I could gasp.
They covered my mouth and pulled my hair so hard I’m sure my scalp tore clean from my skull.
Eventually there was so much blood on the pavement that I wasn’t sure where on my body it was gushing from.

Then I remained still, hoping if they thought I was dead they would leave me.
They did, and graciously discarded me in the dumpster.
I’m glad they had because if I’m found maybe my face will decompose enough to hide my shame and foolishness.

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