Seeking Relief (Day 40)

There are times when wisdom is fleeting, split seconds to make a decision on all the information at hand. Sometimes this occurs in slow motion, during a rush of adrenaline, giving you the illusion of infinite time in which to make a decision. Other times it happens and the decision making is like swimming through mud- slow and unclear.

Keep your goddamn hands up.

My trainer’s voice echoed from another time. Exhausted, I tried to raise my hands to my face. They felt like they were anchored to the floor. Bit by bit, they finally climbed to my chin. My left eye smarted and I knew from experience that it was puffy and swollen shut. It was a good reminder to keep my hands up. Everything tasted like blood.

Despite the indistinct murmur of the crowd all around me, I was alone- no not quite alone.

“Big Jim” Geoffries appeared in front of me as if by magic, his lean muscled form dancing as if he was underwater, and I threw myself at him one last time. It was all or nothing and either way I was going home.

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