When he was younger, one thing he looked forward to was to be left alone.
He thought he had done everything else right.
Found a girl, married the girl, had a few kids, raised those kids, sent them to college, worked to the bone to pay for their education, planned some weddings, retired, and grew old with said wife.
He was ready for some alone time.

His three children grew up, it’s been years since they called him Dad.
His wife, bless her soul, loved him the rest of her days. Two years have passed and he still struggles without her.

He always wanted to be left alone; Just him, his chair, and a quiet beach to sit upon.
Now, there is no one else around.
Yet, he sits on his chair on his beach, and he is unsatisfied.

He misses his wife’s soft eyes telling him it’s okay when he’s flustered.
He misses the giggling of his grandchildren.
He misses the noise.

The waves crash, and the wind picks up the sand beneath his feet.
He can almost hear Mary’s voice.
“I love you."
He laughed, he had never been alone.

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