A Million Delicious Little Pieces

Honestly, we’ve all done it. Because our lives are so busy, so fast and we have so little time for patience, we multi-task, multi-carry, and multi-function. If there’s such a thing.
In her case its a mom turned chuffer, turned baby sitter for the kids friends, turned chef, turned personal assistant, turned “my part time job interferes with my full time life”. So this morning, when mom had a soccer ball for Timmy’s soccer practice, lunch for sally, lunch money for Timmy, sally backpack, Timmy’s model universe made from candy, and a cup of coffee in her hands, she couldn’t open the car door. Needing to put one down somewhere, she did. And she chose the roof of her car. So as she loaded the kids, buckled all seat belts, checked all mirrors, and slowly began to pull away, Timmy watched in horror behind him as his candy universe fell apart, off the top of the roof, down the windshield and break into a million, delicious little pieces. While mom looked back, held her coffee and took a long, satisfying sip.

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