The Apothecary's Child

I turned in time to be near-blinded by what must have been an industrial strength flashlight rapidly overtaking me. I winced and shielded my eyes as the rustling noise made quick progress to and past me.

A gruff voice called in the passing, “Oy, mind yer toesies! Mind em, I say! No time to dally, no time at all. Must find the…” The voice, rustling, and bobbing light stopped some ten feet past me. The illumination rested on the sidewalk an additional 5 feet or so ahead, lighting the bottom of what one could only assume was a nonfunctioning streetlight. The robed silhouette was massive and heaving with breath.

My own breathing was picking up considerably. Though daring, or perhaps just careless enough to wander such streets I knew my place in the proverbial food chain. I had never been a large or imposing figure. This sprinter in the darkness most assuredly was.

And then some.

The light swung around to again acost my eyes, “Say, you wouldn’t by any chance be the apothecary’s child…would ye?”

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