Airships: Lives Lost

Distant shouts began to reach Hawkeye & Elletra as they quickly estimated how many crates were there.

Elletra grimaced, “At least thirty crates. We can’t afford to damage this ship. God knows what those weapons are capable of.”

Hawkeye nodded, “My guess is, they are capable of pure destruction.”

They sprinted to meet the ensuing battle going on above deck. Hawkeye quickly disposed of the men rushing down to meet them in the corridors with his gun while Elletra sliced at the men who got too close for comfort.

When they reached the top, Elletra’s heart went into overdrive as she saw the Earl’s men winning the battle. Several of Silver Skies’s crew were lying on the ground motionless.

Hawkeye dashed for higher ground & Elletra began a dance across the deck, slicing here and spinning there as she worked towards a cornered group of Jerem’s men.

The Earl hadn’t picked amateur fighters to take this cargo.

She saw men falling down to the ground around her and knew Hawkeye had found a good perch for himself.

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