My love has eyes I do adore
They shine like stars so clear
And those who see them catch the light
Know that their night is near.
I truly love her shining scales,
Her slender spines that pierce,
But most of all I love her teeth
So dark, so sharp, so fierce.
I tremble when she sights her prey,
When she’s about to strike;
I sorrow once she’s fed and slips
Away into the night.
Her kisses are a little sharp,
Her touch not without fear,
And some nights, sleeping in her coils,
I feel her claws brush near.
She whispers that she loves me, though
It sounds more like a hiss;
’You’re safe with me’, she promises,
‘And nothing is amiss;
’I wouldn’t eat you, dearest love,
’It’s true, and I insist
’I’d rather starve than harm you, dear,
‘Your love for me is bliss.’
With that I sleep more easily,
A smile upon my face;
As night draws in I think: I never
asked if I was safe.

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