Waiting for the Big Bang

Suspended, it floats. Time stops. The egg, just out of reach, slips almost imperceptibly towards its demise.
“Oh great, you let another one go!” the first man says. He shuts the airtight lunch box with a clang. “We are on a limited food supply here, buster, you can’t just let lunch take a breather.”
“Sorry,” the second man shrugs, adjusting his safety. “My bad.”
“No! You can’t just say ‘my bad’ and make it all okay! The next station won’t be available for restocking until we finish this orbit, and I’m not going to starve because you can’t get your act together!” The first man exhales forcefully into his suit. Suddenly aware, he checks a dial. “Aw man, you’re stressing me out and making me use all my oxygen,” he whines.
“Whatever,” the second man sighs. Turning back towards the shuttle, his arm slips loose, knocking his partner.
“WATCH what you’re DOING, for the LAST time!” the first man yells. “You almost shattered my helmet! I swear, if I have to spend another day out here with you my head will explode.”

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