They Shattered SunLight

It had powered the City of Glimmer for centuries, even during the Electric Civil Wars. It had been a beacon of hope for the tired souls living inside the city walls. It was the people’s most prized possession, guarded more than the Council of Elders.

It was the SunLight.

Installed upon a mountain-like tower, with 200 guards at every moment of the day or night keeping watch over it due to the ones who wished to extinguish the hope. It was a self-sustaining lightbulb, powered by an ancient science that had harnessed the sun’s essence. The biggest one ever created and the last of its kind, the others having been destroyed in the Civil Wars.

Then, the city’s worst nightmare happened. A thousand spikes of metal sailed through the always-black sky.

The last SunLight was shattered, raining fire and glass around the wailing city below… And the world was finally, completely, and wholly dark.

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