Henry's Last Stand (Day 44)

Henry paced back and forth in front of the opaque double doors. He clenched and unclenched his hands trying to stop their shaking.

Maya should be coming through those doors any minute. She always took lunch around this time, though he had been ready forty-five minutes ago and waiting ever since. From the moment she had come to work for the company, he had thought she was stunningly beautiful. After working with her on a few projects he knew she was smart, capable and had a delightfully filthy sense of humor. He also knew that he didn’t have a chance. He wasn’t even close to her type but, damn it, sometimes a man had to take a stand.

The doors opened. She stood there framed by sunlight and blue sky. His mouth went dry. He tried to get the words he had rehearsed out but his tongue stopped them like a cork in a bottle.

Frowning she turned away. There was no time for the flowers or the balloons. He had to act now.

“WOULD YOU BE MY VALENTINE?” he shouted at her back.

With a click, the doors shut behind her.

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