Poem for Floyd

In times of past I found my heart
hardened by stone, too cold to start
circled by defensive fears
spurred onward by the creaking gears,

but with you came a rowdy click:
a candle burned too close to wick
that found me reveled in the light
a stone cold heart at once, came bright.

Where once was cold, a searing heat
to send away the heavy sleet,
for with you came a passioned grace
that threw me back into the race.

The stars will shift through sculpted skies
hungry for my swift goodbyes,
but you, my love, will stay the course
through rain and sleet and jet and frost.

For once, I find myself aglow
unaltered by the heavy snow
and even when the dark arrives
I know I have you at my side,

and with you there nothing can bite,
not aching frost or porcelain white
for you, my love, will stay the course,
unfathomed by my old discourse,

and when the night is dark and cold
I’ll be right there, through bronze and gold
you have me still and I, you too.
All this to say, that I love you.

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