80's Pun Party

“Hey. What’s up?”

“Do you think you could train doves to cry?”

“What? Why? Why do you want to train doves to cry?”

“Why do you have a balloon?”

“I took my son to the park and he wanted one. Now back toy-”

“Yes, but why do YOU have it?”

“He tied it to my wrist really tight, OK?”

“Well at least I’M and Innocent Man.”

“Huh? Are you OK? That sounded forced? What’s with you.”

“OK, get this. We’re having an 80’s pun party!”

“An 80’s pun party? Why…?”

“Because… 80’s. PUN. PARTY!”

“That’s not a reason, that’s jsut the same words.”

“Exactly! I knew you’d get it!”

“I don’t get it! What’s the occasion anyway?”

“Occasion? Why us livin’ on a prayer of course!”

“We live in a tiny apartment…”

“Glad you’re on board!”

“I’m not… can we even afford this?”

“Not a worry, I’ve budgeted this carefully, as long as nothing goes too badly wrong, it will all work out perfectly.”

“Define too badly wrong…



“Hey, I have a delivery of 999 red balloons here.”


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