Welcome to my World, edition 4

Lore – Genesis

In the time before, darkness consumed the world.

But some of the land remained untouched. In what is now the continent of Salgaron, the great heroes came to be.

From the ground came He who is our Strength, whose strength of heart and love of nature ground his nature.

From the sky came She who is our Ability, whose ever-changing temperament lets her act as is needed.

From the water came She who is our Wisdom, whose fluid mindset grant her reason.

From the fire came He who is Magic, whose fiery temper brings burning wrath upon those who harm the land.

From the shadows, not the darkness, but the shadows that serve the light, came She who is our Stealth, whose shrouded nature lets him see through decepiton.

And, from the light came He who is our Speed, whose impatience causes him to react to change quickly.

These six heroes together battled the darkness, and pushed it back. As they fought against the evil, their great power shaped the world.

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