A Pigs Tale

The market square had held young Peter Ian Gage the 1st,dumbfounded.
He couldn’t understand why his brother Pig two would want to stay at home. For goodness sake there were ferris wheels,fairy floss,go carts and so much to do.
He turned to his other brother Pig three and was astounded to see him eating the last of the corn beef sandwiches that mother had packed for them. He was so very cross with pig three he decided he would now have to spend all their pocket money on hamburgers for lunch.
Pig four the fourth brother set about boxing all the brothers’ ears for causing such injustices.
Pig five in the meantime had been trying to get his older brother’s attention .He realised with all the kuffuffel going on he would never find the toilet in time so
“This little piggy went wee,wee,wee, all the way home”

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