tell me what you are thinking and I shall finally relax

the first few hits
made me cringe
but when there was little left
to talk about you finally
thought about telling
me what’s on your mind

it became easier
but you didn’t
you lied
on the cold steel floor

the sound of metal
scratching the cold steel floor
grinding was grating
sending shivers up the spine
but after a while
it becomes strangely hypnotic and
I’m in a trance
in unease

the next few hits
were less untidy although
it was already dented I just
wanted to make sure I did
a bang-up job and that I
tried my best to make
you unrecognisable
although you always were
as with everyone else
as you meshed with the cold steel floor

I’ve shattered the skull
splattered your thoughts
across the cold steel floor
yet I still don’t understand them
so please
tell me what you are thinking
and I shall finally stop swinging
speak up, self and let me hear you

light’s shining through overhead
as the moonlight shifts onto the body
on the cold steel floor
and with that I shall shatter the mirror
and shatter myself.

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