A Tale of Woe and Water

They thought they could finish me, just sentence me to this interminable hellhole and walk away, thought Spider. They thought they were being clever, making me out to be the unholy Sisyphus, and themselves Zeus! ‘Make an example out of this one, and then none of the other Arachnids will show themselves to humans again,’ he mocked, bitter.
Spider’s heavy feet clomped up the tin pipe, echoing in the damp darkness. Each step was tortured. As he squinted up at the tiny square of sunlight miles above, overwhelming desperation flooded him.
They’ll never understand, what Miss Moffat and I had was real. Real! We had a connection, and when I sat down beside her, I thought that was what she wanted! But no, all of a sudden I was moving too fast for her, and all it took was one scream to bring my whole world crashing down… He stopped, muscles aching, tears flowing down his face, lost in the memory.
“And so I am damned to eternal purgatory,” he whispers, bracing himself for the next icy tide to sweep him away.

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