Going Down

“Oh no, Fetus, can you fix him?!” Suddenly, the mission seemed doomed. This was the first time panic had caused the rush of adrenaline to flood my capillaries.

Something on the roof beeped. A machine began to whir. “No time!” I yelled, mostly to myself. I grabbed Acrylic, tugging him behind me and ran for the nearest fire escape. Had he resisted, I’d not have made it. I turned, expecting Fetus to be behind, but she was a few paces back, the giant magnet machine pulling at her, slowing her pace. The grimace of pain mixed with determination in her eyes told me not to worry about her. I had to get Acrylic down.

“Follow me!”
“Who are you?”
“Can’t explain, please, just climb down!”
“Down there?”
“Is it safe?”
“Of course. Go.”

I climbed behind him, noting a pale hand reaching for the top rung. Good. The machine peered over the edge as Fetus swung her legs over and quickly let herself down.

At the landing, Fetus froze, one hand to her ear. “What? I don’t read you!”

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