“Drones, 4 o’clock.” Fetus announced. She ducked while I aimed over her back, but the sabre taser did not warm up.
“Chips are wiped,” Fetus calmly intoned.
“What do we do?!”

I ducked as a shot ricocheted off the railing above my head. “How far down is the parking garage?”

“Negative.. we are taking fire.” Fetus dropped her hand from her ear and her eyes coolly met mine. “I have a way to hold them, but you’re not going to like it.”


Fetus stood up.


She pulled a wire from her arm and attached it across to another port. She began to convulse. Her hair stood on end, then in a huge pulse, she fell. The drones advancing fell, too.

Just then a convertible screeched around the corner 2 floors below. Hard Drive was at the fuzzy steering wheel.

He screeched to a stop and waved for me to jump.
“Jump!” I yelled to Acrylic.
“Are you insane?”

I shoved him over the rail, his porcupine head made him top heavy. He landed in Hard Drive’s gigantic arms. I hefted Fetus over next.

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