Just a Glimpse

“My belly hurts,” Winnie whined to her mother. Rachel answered,
“Baby, maybe you shouldn’t eat all that peanut brittle. It isn’t good for your teeth. They’ll rot out.” She took the brittle from the toddler’s loose grip.
“That’s not fair, Momma!”
The brittle fell to the ground and shattered into many, sticky pieces.
“I’m too old for this!” Winnie screamed. Her tube top was sliding down and the boy still sat on the sofa, as if Rachel hadn’t walked in moments ago, catching them a little too cozy.
“Get out, kid.” Rachel said, opening the front door. He smirked and started his way out of the house. As he swung his jacket off of the coat rack, a flower vase sitting on the occasional table slipped and shattered across the cherry wood floors.
The phone rang and Rachel answered, knowing it would be Winnie calling.
“Hey, sweetie.” She said, smiling. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and noticed the lines around her eyes as Winnie filled her in.
“The baby’s a kicker, huh?”
“Mom, my water just broke.”

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