My Soul

It had been pulled in a million and one directions.
It had been twisted and stretched to see how far it could go.
Acid had been poured on it to see how tough the shell was.
It had been drowned in saltwater just to see if it could be revived.
Bits of metal and glass had been buried in it to see its reaction.
It was force-fed the waste of the world to see if it could stomach it.
It was stabbed on several occasions to see how it bled.
It was tortured over the years.

When they had grown bored of it, they bound it & tossed it in a freezer.
It was left there until all warmth was gone and it was replaced by brittle cold.
It was my soul.

It was taken out of its frozen grave and finally, smashed into remnants.
Shattered into dust.

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