3-Word Challenge: Kettle, Vampire, Ogre: "Midnight Brew"

Salabis the Ogre stirred his tea distractedly, a look of contemplation on his craggy face. He inhaled its scent before answering. “Well, I’ll tell you, Malarkin dear, it really can’t be solved in just a decade or two. I’ll stay by you, but you must be patient.”
“I have been patient,” cried the vampire. “I tell you, Sal, I feel myself changing. It started slowly, but I’m really getting anxious. I’ve been drinking the same stuff since 1284, you know. It’s getting to where I can hardly stand it; even the first sip turns my tum now.”
The ogre shook his head sadly. “I know love, but tell me, is your distaste—” he wrinkled his fluted nose, “really strong enough to give up that other thing—”
“Eternal life?” she returned. “Damned if I don’t think so.” She swirled her drink, frowning. “It isn’t grand as it sounds; you’d be ready for a change too, in my case.”
“All right,” he grunted, darting up and plunging the stake home. “Anything to please a friend.”
“G’night then,” the vampire gasped, taking her leave.

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