In the instant there was nothing. A void could not even begin to describe it. What is darkness when there is no light with which to understand it? This instant, it became lonely and said one day, “Let there be light.”

This nothingness instantly became something, expending itself into the fury of light and sound. With the pieces of itself spread across the newly known, this nothingness became familiar with itself. Gases formed, and within it congealed elements which then melded with others in exceedingly greater configurations.

It gradually understood the movements of Time as its organic constituents began to move of their own accord. Minuscule chemical dramas were played out from the microcosm to the macrocosm, and it saw it was good.

It lies for immeasurable temporal distances, watching, loving, dreaming, as life, billions of it, churned through its entrails. But it doesn’t yearn for companionship when the darkness, that heat death closes in.

Turning from the sound and fury, it welcomes solitude…again.

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