(Day 41) Cheer

“Show me your wares, peddler.”

The weary-eyed man stopped on the street, his hands still in his pockets. He had been looking down the entire time he had been crossing, so I was sure he hadn’t seen me approach him. We stood on the crosswalk, a foot away from each other. I had my backpack slung across my left shoulder and my cap on backwards. He had a suit on that was much too wrinkled.

We were juxtaposed for no-one in particular.

“What did you say?”

“Your wares, kind sir.” I pointed to his pockets, ignoring the angry and insistent honking that was beginning to sound at our left side. “Show them to me.”

He started to walk around me so I moved and let him walk past. I could see, though, the start of a reward on his face. I strode casually to the other side and then turned on my heel to look at the retreating businessman. He was looking at me and holding up a golden pocket watch. He was grinning from ear to ear as he then put the watch back in his pocket and walked away.

Mission accomplished.

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