Will You Accept the Charges?

“Hello, you’ve reached Ed Gruberman’s voicemail. I’m not at my desk right now. Please leave me a message.”
“Hey, Ed – this is Ed. As in you Ed. This is your last chance. In thirty minutes, you’re going to meet a man from legal who wants to schedule a meeting with you. His joke – legal is downstairs.”
(bitter laughter)
“Anyway, he’s going to tell you he’s got an offer you need to take a look at. Let me save you the visit – you don’t. You don’t need to, you don’t WANT to take that meeting. He’ll tease you, he’ll tempt you – but that’s his job, you know.”
“I’m not gonna say who he is. But I am gonna say that he can give you anything you want. And the only thing I came up with was this – to call me up a week ago and-”
beep over phone
“Wait. WAIT.”
“is THAT why we’re in New York? You put me one hour ahead so I’d…I’d…I’d miss…”
screams, crackling sounds

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