Inside, the room was a paralyzing shade of darkness.
I sat up in bed, unable to sleep.
Insomnia is such a bitch.

My eyes haven’t closed in about a month. The burning sensation disappeared, only to have been replaced with a sensation of agony.
My mind keeps whirring around things I can’t control.
I can’t sleep with so much noise!

My fists pound on my head trying to soften my inner howls.
The noise turns lightly fuzzy, almost to the point where there is peace.
The edges of my vision dulls slightly, almost like I’m about to fall into a dream.

I let my body relax. I turn myself over to a jelly-like state.
I attempt to close my eyes, but I am a fool.
They are conclusively open. The eyelids do not budge. They are stupefied.

No longer in control of my body.
The twitches, the voices, and the constant remembrances of past nightmares.
They all haunt me into a form of indifference.

I feel nothing anymore; weakened and incapable.
My eyes sob for serenity.
Dreaming and sleeping is but a vague dream.

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