Entry 24: 3 Word Prompt Chain-ATTEMPT, RESOURCE, and EQUIPOTENT

I’m going to attempt to make this clear and simple for you; I know you’re not a scientist, and we can’t afford to have any confusion with this matter.
We have a limited supply of a specific resource on hand, from which we must draw only sparingly. You need not know the details, but let me tell you that it is precious, it was hard to get, and the persons who brought it back from the Amazon are not with us any more. Clear enough? Good.
The special thing about this material is that it is equipotent: it is equally capable of becoming a patch of skin cells as it is at becoming a sensitive organ such as an eyeball or the villi in your lungs.
But our intentions are a little different, and they must not be discussed—not ever—outside of this building, nor with anyone who is not in Mr Cole’s employ.
We shall be shaping this material into very capable germs, like the ones developed by Dr Steinem here. We shall reshape people; they will reshape the world.
So take care, or you will be our next test subject.

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