Jack Be Quick

Jack stared at the flame of the candle sitting in the center of the floor of the tiny, one room cabin. The flickering shadows on the walls were more unnerving than usual. He had a bad feeling about this jump. He didn’t usually give the jumps a second thought as the daily ritual had become second nature to him. He would jump the candle, clearing it just enough so that the flame continued to burn, then go about his day.

Last night’s jump was different and that is what bothered him. Last night he jumped the candle and the flame almost went out. That one second of darkness was long enough for him to glimpse the silhouette of the thing that waited. The thing that he knew would eventually be the end of him if the flame ever fully extinguished after the jump. His heart skipped a beat as the flame reignited.

Tonight he would jump again, and again the next night, and again until the candle went out.

Jack said a silent prayer, ran towards the candle, and jumped…

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