Just Before, the doctor.

“Ah, what a nice day.” Doctor Philips said. It’s Sunday morning, a beautiful beginning of the weekend. He woke up at eight just as usual. “News today, news today!” Hearing the paper kid stopped by and threw the newspaper into his mailbox. He left the bed and went downstairs. His wife Sharon has already made the lunch for him and went to church, so it’s just him in the house today. “Let’s see what is going on outside.” said the doctor. Once he started eating his bacon and watching the newspaper, the phone rang. “Guess that call just screw up my only free time.” He put down his fork and went answered the phone. “A boy, sick, got it, I’ll be right back.” Doctor Philips put down the phone and got his stuff right away. “I wish I can finish my breakfast but unfortunately……” He left a sigh and closed the door. His busy day begins.

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