Just after, the Kid and the Tramp

The boy kept screaming and weeping in the carriage, and was reluctant to be sent to the orphan asylum. His piteous crying sound was vibrating along the way to orphanage. “I should tell him to shut his yap.” One of these guys couldn’t endure his noise anymore. He stood up at once and walked toward the backseat of carriage, smacking the boy’s face strongly with his hand. However the boy cried much bitterly than before instead, and thus the guy had no choice but stopping it. On the other hand, the Tramp got rid of orphanage man smoothly, running from a narrow alley with anxiety about the kid. “How do I account for the madam who requested me to attend to her kid?” He mumbled. Suddenly he accidentally noticed the grooves on the road. “These grooves must be made by the wheels of carriage.” The Tramp assumed, “If I follow them, I can know where the carriage leaves for and catch up with it to retrieve the kid.” Without any hesitation, the Tramp immediately ran toward the direction the carriage had proceeded to.

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