Detained By The Authorities

Leon hadn’t put much thought into his dramatic entrance as a crime-fighter. He didn’t want to announce his name, as that might sound pompous. He wanted people to shout out his name as he entered the room, hopefully giving them a sense of well-being simultaneously. He impulsively leaped though the door, nearly knocking over the UPS man coming out and landed with a dramatic pause. However, he did not recognize the secretary. An office temp worker manning the phones dropped her paperwork and demanded to know who he was. Suddenly, he thought he may have underestimated the response to his new mission. The startled secretary picked up the phone, and called 911. The Brown Bean, new to the crime-fighting experience, froze in fear. Listening to the description given to the police, he was rather disappointed as being called ‘some weirdo, dressed in brown with a picture of a turd on his chest.’ The parking lot soon filled with flashing lights and men in blue with drawn weapons.

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