Violence Becomes Normal (Day 62)

Rodriquez stepped out from behind a tree that should have been too small to hide his plaid-shirted bulk.

Anthony tried to step back and raise his shovel at the same time, succeeding only in losing his balance.

“What was that? You trying to get those things to laugh themselves to death.” Rodriquez hocked up a loogie and spat down to the broken ground.

Anthony breathed out a hard, “Fuck you.”

“Why you want to be just like your mom? Now quit fucking around. The barn’s clean.” Rodriquez dusted some clinging dirt off his shoulder and headed back toward the farm, clearly expecting Anthony to follow.

For a moment, Anthony dreamed of slamming the shovel against the back of Rodriquez’s head. Guilt flooded through him. Sure, Rodriquez was a loudmouth asshole but the man had saved his life twice already. Anthony rubbed the side of his head. What was happening to him? He’d never wanted to hurt anybody so badly before. Quickening his step, he hurried to catch up to Rodriquez. When would life return back to normal?

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