Untitled Poem #18

I’ve missed these euphoric moments
with you,
the ones where we used to lay
in a mess of legs, arms, torsos, hair, and
Happiness hung low just above us,
just in our grasps.
We took all that we had and wove
together a quilt for the grandkids,
sewn in memories and yesterdays
full of grins too big for your face
and my hand caressing your unshaven cheek.
Your strong and stable arms were wrapped
around my neck, the grip just loose
enough to save my life,
your hands gently combing through my
tousled mane.
We wrote upon a blank canvas,
whispering vows of secret and deeply rooted
“You know”
“I know”
and we prayed at the alter of naught
and we took our forsaken souls and
offered them up to the only God
we knew.
Circumstance will separate us for a little while
but these moments I glue to
the inner walls of my brain
so that my eyelids may watch them
when I drift off to sleep.

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