Just after, the Kid

After the kid was taken away, he felt very sorrowful and wanted to go home desperately. However, the miserable was shut in a small and dark room. All he could was to cry out loud to see whether there was anyone who could help him. What’s worse, because of starvation and fever, he lost his consciousness. After three days, the kid was almost dying so they took him to the side of trash cans on the street. The weather was extremely cold and he was helpless. Suddenly here came a car. Then, someone got off the car. She was a young and beautiful woman with regret in her eyes. She sent the kid to the hospital immediately. When the kid was in the emergency room, the woman walked back and forth outside the room and sometimes she prayed to the God. Finally, the doctor came out the emergency room and said sorry to the woman. The kid died. After hearing the news, the woman was heartbroken and could not say any words. She entered the room and held the kid’s hands tightly. She cried out and said “Sorry, I am your mother!”

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