That Song

It’s one of those songs. The kind that makes your heart melt a little. The kind that makes you kind of sad. The kind that makes you… wonder. The kind that makes you smile that small, sad smile.

You know the one.

It makes you wonder about bigger things. Things that you would have to be daring to bring up in normal conversation. And also small things. Small things that are maybe… only big to you. It makes you sad… makes you… miss things. It makes you zone out into nothing, not really thinking about anything at all. It makes your heart ache a little, makes you sigh.

All of this and you can’t place a word on it. You can’t place a reason. A name. You can’t match your feeling to one thing, you don’t get it. Because it’s just one of those songs, that takes you to where the artist is, to where you’ve been too. To that emotion, that human emotion. Because we’re all humans, and we all feel. Because it’s what we all have in common.

It’s just a song, but it takes us somewhere that’s much more.

One song.

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