Bang Bang Bang!

Diving, rolling, sneaking, you make your way through the building. You stop and press flat against the wall and listen as a guard passes nearby. Once out of sight you realize you were holding your breath. With a smile you continue.

At the end of a long hall you are met with a stairwell that seems to stretch forever. Beginning the painstakingly slow process of heading down, you mount the first step. It squeaks! You hear something from below. With a diving leap you clear the stairs and roll off into a corner as yet another guard walks by eying the stairs.

You peak around the wall and see one of them interrogating the target. They were forcing her to eat something, it must be truth serum! The situation was critical, you prepped both of your pistols and made your way in. You had hoped to avoid messy, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Quickly you fire off three shots.

“Mom? Can I take Brianna? I need to rescue her…”

“As soon as I’m done feeding her sweetie.”

“Thanks mom.”

You reload your pistols and wait.

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