"The Kid" Challenge Sequel

Charles fled away from those who were going to kidnap the kid. But the kid was still crying, weeping aloud Charles’ name, the only one who could ever count on. The poor kid was abandoned by her selfish mother, and now she was uncertain of the direction that she to-warded to… Just sighed, praying to him, even though he had never reached out a hand. Meanwhile, the truck stopped, driver got off, came to the kid, starring at her with the deepest evil look that could see through anyone’s mind.

The kid was dragged out of the truck into a dark factory with the smell of decaying meats. Here came out the a butcher who bought her for 15 cents. From then on, she started learning every hard toil that was way heavier for a weak four-year-old kid.

A week later she was traded to a theater where she had to learn help all the trivia. Though she never had a good meal, it was much and nicer to work here. However, her cold never healed, while the kid was working with her fragile body, she saw a woman singing onstage…

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